No growth of plants

No growth of plants let’s talk about it, Reasons why small plants don’t grow properly Any stress affects the plant Media mudslide Moss on media Botany Insect infections Fungal infections Net house lacking quality Let’s look at the reasons why growth is slowing Any stress affects the plant Any factors that exceed the amount the …

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Disease Control

Fungal diseases disease control and prevention Fungal disease can be detected if there is rot or melt in the leaf and root system. Treatment of leaf fungal and root system fungal diseases should be treated separately. Prevention of fungal disease control by preventive treatment before the onset of disease is beneficial for optimal growth of …

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Proper agrochemical application

Proper Agrochemical Application

Proper Agrochemical Application The unintended use of agrochemicals in commercial cultivation can lead to waste of time, effort, energy and perhaps even crops. Considering the following factors, the desired productivity of agrochemicals can be achieved. Proper concentration should be used – Proper Agrochemical Application   Anthurium cultivation should with the understanding of concentration. For some …

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Planting of small anthurium plants

Proper planting of small anthurium plants    The planting material should be considered with respect to fertilizers and media used in planting. Planting pot – planting of small anthurium plants Plastic containers of 8.5 to 10.5 cm diameter are used.Polythene covers are not suitable for planting a quality anthurium plant.Plastic containers provide ease of carrying and …

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