Recognize the quality of flowers

Let us recognize the quality of flowers,

As you have fulfilled all the requirements for the Anthurium plant in your business, the quality flowers are produced and meet the requirements of the foreign market.

But if you for some reason neglect the maintenance of the cultivation, the quality of the subsequent flower will be reduced.

One or more of the following weaknesses of poor quality flowers.

  • Free from the shining nature
  • Lack of strength
  • The nut is not directly located
  • Lack of proper color

It is difficult to profit from a low quality flower planting. But after every failure there is a reason why it is easy to remedy the cause, and in a short time you will see that your cultivation has turned into a successful crop.

The easiest way to get quality flowers is to understand the reasons for not getting quality flowers.

Once these factors are properly understood, remediation can improve the quality of flowers in a short period of time.

Causes of poor quality

  1. Pest Hazard
  2. Disease Control
  3. Lack of shade – (Increase of light)
  4. Increase of shade – (Decrease in light)
  5. Non fertilizer
  6. Undesirable fertilizer
  7. Expired fertilizer
  8. Fertilizer with high concentration
  9. Application of non-recommended agrochemicals
  10. Proper use of liquid fertilizer with regular intervals
  11. Application of Agro-chemicals
  12. Disposal of Extra Plants
  13. Disposal of Extra Leafs
  14. Non Cutting Out of Drying
  15. Plant Dehydration
  16. Water less
  17. Dirty Water
  18. Inadequate Water
  19. Insufficient Water Drainage
  20. Watering the leaves without leaves
  21. Staying in the media
  22. Types of media
  23. Occurrence of media events
  24. Increasing acidity of the media not new

Try these things out six months after you start your cultivation.

  • Use sand media.
  • Remove the buds from childhood
  • Apply Osmocotek-Plus after the first six months.
  • Work to prevent disease
  • Prevent pests
  • Balance the media value of Ph
  • Cut off tree branches that give unnecessary shade over the net
  • Spend a little time each day with the crops.

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