Small anthurium plants

Maintenance of small plants

Maintenance of small plants


Special care should be given to small plants for maintenance up to market.

Usually a small plant grows to five inches tall and is suitable for sale.

A small two-inch-tall plant can grow up to five inches in about ten weeks.


Things to take special care of when taking care of small plants


⦁ Application of water
⦁ Fertilizer application
⦁ Disease Control
⦁ Pest control


Application of water


⦁ Water should be applied in the morning.
⦁ There is no need for watering during the rainy season.
⦁ It is not advisable to apply chlorine mixed water directly to the plant and should be stored for 24 hours.
⦁ It is not advisable to use dirty water.
⦁ Drinking water should be applied to plants .
⦁ Watering should be done only when wetting the leaves and media surfaces.


Fertilizer application


⦁ Select the type of fertilizer suitable for planting at the NPK rate.

⦁ The NPK ratio is the amount of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium combined.

Nitrogen – required for leaf growth

Phosphorus – needed for root and stem growth

Potassium – There is a need to increase yields

Fertilizer should be provided by roots as well as leaves. Only fertilizer recommended for anthurium should be used.


Maintenance of small plants Fertilizer provided by roots




Osmocote N Plus
Osmocote N Plus

NPK ratio – 18 +11 or 15 + 4 + 9

When planting small plants in plastic containers, applying about 20 fertilizer cubes is sufficient and no need to reapply until they are transferred to cement containers.

Due to the different types of particulate matter in each fertilizer Transfer and use of fertilizer Most appropriate.

Particulate matter necessary for plant growth – (Maintenance of small plants)


⦁ Magnesium
⦁ Copper
⦁ Zinc
⦁ Ferrous
⦁ Cobalt
⦁ Sulfur
⦁ manganese
⦁ Calcium
⦁ Boron

Varieties of fertilizers not suitable for small plants in anthurium cultivation


⦁ Dung
⦁ Compost
⦁ Urea
⦁ Urea interstitial liquid fertilizer
⦁ Ordinary organic liquid fertilizer
⦁ Quickly dissolve cubes
⦁ The higher the fertilizer rate, the higher the potassium ratio
⦁ Calcium nitrate
⦁ Dolomite

When providing fertilizer for small plants Things to be especially concerned about


⦁ Only recommended liquid fertilizer should be selected.
⦁ An easy-to-operate sprayer should be used.
⦁ Apply only when the leaves are moist.
⦁ The applied agrochemical should remain on the leaves for at least two hours.
⦁ Doses should be taken with particular care.
⦁ Liquid fertilizer should only be applied to the leaves as a thin film, as algae or mosses can develop if they fall on the media.


Disease Control

Planting Of Small Anthurium Plant

Quality Of A Anthurium Plant 

Breeding Of Anthurium Plants

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