No growth of plants

No growth of plants let’s talk about it,

Reasons why small plants don’t grow properly

  • Any stress affects the plant
  • Media mudslide
  • Moss on media
  • Botany Insect infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Net house lacking quality

Let’s look at the reasons why growth is slowing

Any stress affects the plant Any factors that exceed the amount the plant can tolerate can cause stress. Stress, leaf friction, shortening of flower buds, and apical compression can be seen due to stress.

Causes of tension

  • High temperature
  • No water supply
  • Failure of drainage system
  • Application of liquid fertilizer or agrochemicals in high concentration.
  • Application of liquid fertilizer or agrochemicals at night.

Fertilizer related problems

In order for the little plants to grow properly, only fertilizer suitable for planting should be used.

Only fertilizer with high percentage of nitrogen should be provided.

But if fertilizer is applied to the plants at the time of flowering without proper understanding, there will be no growth of small plants. little plants should always choose only nitrogenous fertilizer.

Media mudslides

Before the media is processed, sand is purified by using a mesh with small boxe net. The sand can be cleaned by applying sand on the selected mesh and applying water on it.

The presence of mud in the media causes the root rot to develop, and the reliance on new roots is delayed. In such a situation, problems can be avoided by removing the plant from the existing media and replanting it in a properly prepared medium.

Moss on media

The growth of moss is caused by a fall in the liquid fertilizer medium. Nitrogen deficiency should be treated as soon as the plant does not grow.

  • Scrape away the moss layer
  • Using a non-sharpening device (eg a : coconut spoon ) loosen the surface of the medium to a depth of one centimeter
  • Dissolve the prepared Condys solution on the medium. (Concentration – 1 teaspoon of Condys per bucket of water)
  • Can do Avoiding moss on the media by applying only a thin film of liquid manure on leaves.

Botany Insect infections

Treatment is done to control the damage caused to the plant due to insect infections. It is advisable to use two agrochemicals recommended for pest control once in two weeks in the morning. Damage to the root system of the plant due to insect infections. Infection of the stem is not only caused by the staining of leaves and flowers. In a commercial crop, proper control of insects is important because various diseases can lead to insects.

Fungal infections

The growth of the plant is slowed down due to the formation of fungus causing the leaves to be removed. From the very beginning of planting, it is advisable to use two agrochemicals recommended for fungal rotation on rotating leaves. Healthy plants that are free of disease can grow quickly. Shifting agrochemicals are used to prevent adaptation.

Net house lacking quality

It is obvious that a number of problems related to the net house are causing the growth of the plant.

  • Proper shade percentage should be selected.
  • The width of the shade mesh house should be more than 16 feet, as the temperature inside increases as the net is reflected by the hot mesh.

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