Planting of small anthurium plants

Proper planting of small anthurium plants


The planting material should be considered with respect to fertilizers and media used in planting.

Planting pot – planting of small anthurium plants

Plastic containers of 8.5 to 10.5 cm diameter are used.
Polythene covers are not suitable for planting a quality anthurium plant.
Plastic containers provide ease of carrying and maintenance.

Fertilizer used in planting

About 20 fertilizer cubes of Osmocote N Plus are used when planting a small plant.

Controlled fertilizer will be activated only three weeks after it has been added to the media.

Planting media

River sand sections with coarse gravel – 4
Coir Portions – 1
A small bucket or plastic container is best to get at this rate.
There is no room for rate change when measured in the same pot.

Quality to obtain river sand

Must be coarse cubes.
Do not mix impure materials.
Avoid dust particles and mud.
Sea sand is not suitable.

How to Clean River Sand

Once the river sand is laid over the box net, only the river sand which is suitable for cultivation media is left on the net. The trench used for this purpose is divided into a hundred cell.

cell net used to clean river sand (planting of small anthurium plants)

cell net
cell net

Quality of coir fiber

  • The dried coir should be fresh
  • Ph values should be between 5.5 – 6.5

Old coir is not suitable because it can lead to various diseases and pests.
Specially prepared for export free of fungi Coir pith is used for this purpose.

Steps to follow when planting small plants (planting of small anthurium plants)

1. Select the appropriate plastic container.
2. Fill the river sand with media until about two-thirds of the pot.
3. Place the selected plant correctly on the media.
4. (Osmocote N Plus) Scatter about 20 fertilizer cubes around the plant
5. Fill the rest of the pot with media and apply a soil fungicide solution to avoid the roots.

It is best to use homai for this purpose.
concentration – 1 tbsp for 2 liters of water or 4.5 liters of water
Topsin, Thiram or Antracol can be used for this purpose.
concentration – 1 tbsp for 1 liters of water or 4.5 liters of water

Shelves designed to hold plants
Shelves designed to hold plants

Quality Of A Anthurium Plant

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