Proper Agrochemical Application

Proper agrochemical application

Proper Agrochemical Application The unintended use of agrochemicals in commercial cultivation can lead to waste of time, effort, energy and perhaps even crops.

Considering the following factors, the desired productivity of agrochemicals can be achieved.

Proper concentration should be used – Proper Agrochemical Application


Anthurium cultivation should with the understanding of concentration. For some agrochemicals, the amount on the label varies.

Should be applied in the morning


Application of agrochemicals in the early morning or evening leaves is not effective. Concentrate on the duration of leaflet opening. Which is more appropriate From 8am to 12pm.

It should be free of moisture


Agrochemicals used when the leaves are wet are not effective as they are not absorbed properly.

Only the agrochemicals recommended for anthurium should be used


Anthurium plants and flowers can be harmed by the use of non-recommended agrochemicals. The names of the recommended agrochemicals are listed on our website.


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Maintenance Of Small Plants


Special care should be given to small plants for maintenance up to market.

Usually a small plant grows to five inches tall and is suitable for sale.

A small two-inch-tall plant can grow up to five inches in about ten weeks.


Things To Take Special Care Of When Taking Care Of Small Plants


⦁ Application of water
⦁ Fertilizer application
⦁ Disease Control
⦁ Pest control


Application Of Water


⦁ Water should be applied in the morning.
⦁ There is no need for watering during the rainy season.
⦁ It is not advisable to apply chlorine mixed water directly to the plant and should be stored for 24 hours.
⦁ It is not advisable to use dirty water.
⦁ Drinking water should be applied to plants .
⦁ Watering should be done only when wetting the leaves and media surfaces. READ MORE CLICK HERE 


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