Quality of a anthurium plant

Quality of a anthurium plant


Characteristics of a Quality anthuriyam plant


  • Staying healthy green (Quality of a anthurium plant)
  • Having a white and pink root system
  • Having gradually increasing leaves

What To Do To Get A Quality Anthurium Plant

  • River sand should be planted
  • Liquid fertilizer should be used
  • Immediately after planting, a soil fungicide solution should be applied to the media.

Let us analyze these facts based on scientific reasonsa quality anthuriyam plant


  • Planting of river sand media

Planting in river sand media shows how the root system of the small plant grows easily. Anthurium is more favorable for river sand planting compared to other planting media.

  • Use of liquid fertilizer

The manure provided by the leaves is quickly absorbed. Provide the recommended liquid fertilizer with proper concentration in the leaves You can see how the plant grows in quality.

  • Application of fungicide solution to media

If the fungus is left on the media, root rot will occur and the plant will not be affected by touching the agrochemicals recommended for the control of soil fungi. These include condys, pomersol forte, homai, topsin, thiram One of the recommended soil fungicides can be used on such media.

  • Using the box net

Due to the use of a box nets, the drainage of the planting pot is good for the plant. If the water does not go down well, the root system is damaged and the leaves turn yellow. Mounting 2 x 2 inch box nets should be placed under a shade mesh.

Height of the retainer – 2 1/2 feet from the ground

Width of the retainer – 2 feet

As soon as the small plant is removed, it should be kept in the retainer for at least five days and then placed on the retainer. If the mother plant is above the threshold, this method is used to prevent the plant from becoming stressed due to the unbearable heat.

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Plastic containers used for planting small plants

plastic pot
plastic pot


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